‘When I am Dead my Dearest’ by Christina Georgina Rossetti | Major English | Class 12

Class 12 Notes and Summaries
Class 12 Notes and Summaries

‘When I am Dead my Dearest’ by Christina Georgina Rossetti

This poem has two stanzas, the first stanza of the poem depicts the world of living people and in the second stanza the poet’s experience in the grave. The poet is trying to be realistic for her death. She is against any showing off in her mourning.

Basically, after somebody’s death people express their sympathy towards the dead one by singing mourning songs and planting roses and cypress. However, according to the poet, they are just showing off. She does not like ostentatious behavior rather she feels that if people are truly sorry for the death of their loved ones, then they should be humble like grass and a few drops of tears will be enough for grass. While raining and a few drops of water make the grasses green forever the true tears will make their love immortal. After that she doesn’t like to force him to miss her.

If he wants to remember he will and if he does not like he will forget automatically. She describes the acne of her after death and said, after her death she will be in the tomb and then she will go towards the world of the dead. She will not be able to see the shadow of the cypress which is planted by her husband. She will not feel rain or tears. Even anyone who can sing a mourning song will not touch her. The rest of her time she will spend by dreaming which is the and she will not listen to the sad song in a nightingale’s melodious but sad song Ough a never-ending evening.

When the sun neither sets nor rises. She may remember or forget it. The writer criticizes the show off act and questions the mournful ritual. She advises other ways to show one’s sadness. She is giving more significance to life. According to her, many people treat their dear ones differently in their existence, however they like to spend a lot of time and money after their dear one’s dead. The poet may be against those types of human manners. She expects that people have to be humble in expressing their love and grief for their beloved.

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