The Romancers by Edmond Rostand

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‘The Romancers’  by Edmond Rostand

Short Summary

In his play “The Romancers”  composed by Edmond Rostand. In this play, the author talks about two teenage lovers. One is Percinet and another is Sylvette. Rostand satirizes the psychology and prevention of Romantic literature of his contemporary time.  Percinet is the only son of his father (Bergamin) and Sylvette is the only daughter of her father (Pasquinot). Both fathers are very close friends from their childhood and they build homes together as neighbors. Their fathers make a decision to marry their children with each other.
Moreover, the fathers take away their children cause they may more love each other’s desire to be closed. In the planning of those fathers, Bergamin advises his son not to be close with Sylvette and her father. Generally, Pasquinot also says to his daughter that she should not stay close to Bergamin and  Percinet. Despite their fathers’ awareness, Percinet and Sylvette deeply fall in love. They compare themselves as the duplicate of Romeo and Juliet. Rostand becomes tense that their love will also end in a sad moment just like that of Romeo and Juliet.

They have recently completed their school-level studies and are emotional, deeply love each other, and start to see daydreams. They are deeply inspired by the romantic play “Romeo and Juliet” of William Shakespeare of their time. Also, the desire to die for each other rather than distant from each other. Then, Bergamin hires kidnappers (Straforel and his company )for a fake kidnapping.  At midnight Percinet and Sylvette are about to visit, Those kidnappers kidnap  Sylvette and put her into the van.

Percinet hears the sound of Sylvette who is loudly crying and appealing for help by saying Percinet. He jumps over the wall and fights with those kidnappers. At this moment, as planned, Pasquinot comes and tells Percinet is a hero. He asks  Bergamin to end their enmity and arrange the marriage of their children.

At last

The two lovers look like puppets by their father’s hand. The lovers do not believe that their fathers who were enemies just before sometimes have drastically changed like this.  And the play ends happily.

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