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Fiesta: festival of Mexican people (15 September)

The Day of the dead is an essay written by Octavio Paz. In this essay the writer wants to talk about Fiesta. So, The writer describes the day of fiesta and activities of their beliefs or Mexican people. 

In this essay the writer says that the people of Mexico are very simple, honest and hardworking. They celebrate various festivals throughout the year. Among the various festival’s fiesta is a very popular festival in their country. Every class of people happily celebrate that festival.

Through this Fiesta they can get a chance to be a part of social gathering. They enjoy fiestas to forget their past mistakes and even their future upcoming days. For them fiestas are the means of celebration where they are not bound by sciatica rules and regulations. Thus, they love fiestas very much.

They shout and are crowded and they enjoy every second. They frankly reveal their inner desire with others.

Mexican people are poor but rich in rituals. They cannot manage parties and theatre to entertain. They worship different gods and patrons and do various offerings and sacrifices. The fiestas are taken as a rebirth after their death. During the celebration time of fiestas, they think their life is a new birth.

All the people no matter rich and people feel equality and celebrate without any business’s don’t care about social rules and regulation or they break the time. Sometimes fights occur with people which result in death too.

So, in this essay the writer is trying to present the Mexican people / culture and their way of celebration with unity and without any piousness. Also, he shows how the festival or ancient culture unite people.

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