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Tribhuvan University Notice Update

Tribhuvan University Registration form fill-up Notice 2077

Tribhuvan University (TU), Examination Control Office, Balkhu, Notice regarding TU registration of Admission Group for the year 2077 (2020).   Thank you so much for reading...

B.Ed ICT Entrance Examination Result 2077

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Education, has published the entrance examination result of B.Ed ICT for the year 2077. View the official notice below.           Mero Notice is a...
Faculty of Management Notice

BBA and BIM Semesters Chance Examination Schedule

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management, Examination Controller Office has published the chance examination schedule. The schedule is for the Second, Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth ...

Master of Arts (MA) Third Semester Exam Form Fill Up Notice...

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has announced the exam form fill-up notice for Master of Arts (MA)  students of the third...
Tribhuvan University Notice Update

MA and BCA Special Examination Form Fill-up Notice: Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science has published (MAand BCA) special examination firm filling notice for the first, second, and fourth semesters. Deadline:...