Fifteen sheep were admitted to school

In the European country of France, a strange thing has happened. There was talk of closing some classes at an elementary school. The primary school has 100 students.

As the number of students declined, parents began to ask the question ‘why the number of students in the school has decreased?’ In view of the parents’ complaint, the school has admitted six sheep to the school.

This is the news of an elementary school in the city of Cretes on Beldon. The city has a population of four thousand.

One of the local sheep farmers appeared to be the savior when the number of students was reduced to classes. He provided the school with six sheep.
In addition to the schooling of the sheep, the birth certificate of the sheep has also been submitted.

A parent named Gail LaValle had spread the idea of recruiting sheep at school. The school currently has 4 classes. He protested when the class was reduced to 1.Parent claimed that reducing one class would increase student pressure in every class and affect student’s learning.

He then offered to enroll the sheep in school to increase the total student population. This should not reduce the number of classes and reduce the proportion of students in the classroom.

City Mayor Jean-Louis Meyer also accepted his proposal. The mayor’s children also attend the same school. Even after the sheep have come to school, the students have started to rejoice.


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