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Shall I Compare Thee to A Summer’s Day is a sonnet. This is composed by William Shakespeare.

Key Words:

Sonnet-Types of poem and it is written in 14 line. He wrote 154 sonnets altogether. Shall I Compare Thee to A Summer’s Day is one of his 154 sonnets. Sonnet follows the rhyming pattern of abab, cdcd, efef and gg.

Thee- You/Your
  • In this poem the writer praises the beauty and he may praise the beauty of his girlfriend and compare it with the summer season. Because the writer is from England and summer season is favorite and symbol of beauty for them.
  • Starting from the 1st line of sonnet he says, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day because you are lovely more than that summer’s day and temperate/balanced and pleasant. The summer’s day wind destroys the bud and it is for a short time (summer’s lease).
  • In the second stanza he glorifies the sun by saying Heaven’s e
  • Ye. The beauty of the sun is changeable; it is not always hot. At the same time, he creates suspense that every beautiful thing is not always the same as always. 
  • In the third stanza he says thy beauty is not mortal and you will not lose the right to your beauty. He even says death will be not near to you and still my lines stay long lasting and grow your glow will not die.
  • In the last two lines he expresses that until the people read his writing/ line thy shine will be immortal and people will sing the song about your beauty and glow.

Thus, through this sonnet writer claims that a dark lady is more beautiful than a summer’s lovely day. Also, it is immortal like his sonnet and describes a lady compared with a charming day. He explains the summer’s day is very charming and pleasant, bud’s blooms in this summer season and wind shakes and destroys them. However, he says the summer days are beautiful but very short. The charm of every beautiful thing ruined at last.

The rule of nature is that everyone becomes a young charm but they have to be old and change like summer’s flowers blooms and winter comes someday. But the poet thinks he makes his girlfriend eternal in his line. Neither he loses her beauty nor fades away. Death cannot feel proud because death cannot change her because she will be immortalized in the lines of verse. She may die, her physical body may destroy but beauty remains fresh in the poet’s writing. So, in this poem the writer indirectly compares the art and life or tells how beauty can be immortal in art.

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