Best ways to protect your skin and hair during Corona virus pandemic.

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The world has become a difficult place to live these days because of Corona virus pandemic. In this article you will learn how to protect your skin and hair. Everyone knows that skin and hair get beaten up due to lack of physical activity. The body gets excited when it goes out of the house and engages in physical activities and so does the metabolism. But there can be stiffness in the body due to lack of activity, which in turn can make the skin and hair dull like never before.

Budge your body to bring glow in your face and hair

If you want your metabolism should not to be affected by a lack of physical activity, then take the ladder. First up, then down, it will give you a good workout. If you like to dance, then just open your favorite song. It helps to keep both your hair and skin in good shape. Try it for twenty minutes each morning, afternoon and evening and engage in your favorite activity. It also helps in the circulation of antioxidants in the body.

Eat fresh food not prepackaged food

Prepackaged foods are not good for both our skin and body when physical activity is reduced.  It is better to eat the less processed food. At this time, if you are drinking juice and coconut water, it is good for your body. Eat as many fresh vegetables, fruits and salads as you can. Eat light food with a little spice, and than see your skin and body glow by yourself. So it is a best ways to protect your skin and hair.

Use natural item of beauty for skin care

During this time, it would be better to use natural products for skin care instead of ready made cosmetics. For that you can use cucumber, tomato and a potato, ginger, turmeric, Gram Powder etc.   At this time, even if women are not able to go to the parlor. Simply adopt this super ice pack to make your skin glow. in one line if you use natural item, your hair and skin was safe.

 Get rid of dead skin

As the weather is changing our body also changes.  If your skin is oily, then add rose water to this mixture. If your skin is normal, then add curd and if your skin is very dry, prepare a pack with mustard oil. you can use the different item according to the skin type, but gram flour and semolina will remain as the two main ingredients. Keep the ratio of gram flour and semolina 2: 1, which mean- if taking 2 spoons of gram flour, take one spoon of semolina. Apply this pack on your entire body before taking a bath and just scrub it all the way before washing it off. This pack will not only improve your blood circulation, but also remove the dead skin.

And the most important tips are:

  • stay at your home
  • keep on washing hands and face
  • using a sanitizer

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