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Shivaratri is a yearly Hindu festival popular in Nepal. This is one of the favorite festivals for various reasons. The primary being that there not too many tourists around as it’s usually held in the month of Magh Falgun of the year which is the end of the winter season.

You’ll be surrounded by few tourists approximately by Nepalese pilgrim alike making it that bit more special. It’s also an awfully packed festival and one that might not be on the Nepalese map in its current form for much longer.

Shiva is also called the God of the Yogis who has the capability to self-controlled and celibate. However, he is also a devotee of his wife (Shakti/Parvati). According to Hindu mythology, God Shiva is also recognized as the destructive force of the world.

In some  Hindu, Mythology  Shivaratri is famous as the day when Shiva protects the world from the pot of poison. That poison emerged from the ocean during Samundra Manthan.  Shiva drank the toxic and store up it in the throat. His throat revolves into blue so he is known as Neelkhantha.

Parvati tightened a noose about his neck so he could not fully drink it. So it turned into blue. Shivaratri or Maha Shivaratri means the great night of Shiva or it is a festival to celebrate the Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

Two common beliefs include:

•Parvati is Shiva’s wife who prayed and meditated on the 13th night of the new moon to ward off any evil that might befall her husband.

•While the world facing destruction Parvati asked her husband Shiva to save it by dedicating a night where living souls would become active again. And she worshiping Shiva would have his blessings. Hence it became known as the night of Shiva.

Unusually for Nepal stories and gossip about Shivaratri start a week beforehand.  Strangely as the usual thing is to awaken up and discover that there’s a celebration going on that day. Advanced notices about festivals are not that commonplace in Nepal. Shivaratri is different though as it’s one, if not the most important festival in the entire year.

Holy men

During the week before Shivaratri, a few more Sadhus noticed. Holy men appear on the streets around Pashupati Temple or other Shiva’s Temple. Most have made a walking or religious journey all over Nepal, India and all around the world to visit Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu Nepal.

Naked Sadhus

There are some Sadhus who become completely naked and walk around during Shivaratri. At that time this is normal. Many of the sadhus and the prayer often vanished in a trance and dance by the Ghats. They usually attract a mass and have been taking marijuana.

Shiva Ratri and Hashish 

Nepal is one of the few nations in the earth that makes hashish lawful to consume and carry Hashish during the time of Shiva Ratri only of sadhus. You’ll notice Sadhus openly smoking ganja at Pashupatinath areas. Similarly in Kathmandu ganja becomes liberally accessible in many ways. Do be careful when ordering Laddu or any form of cake or Special Lassi (milkshake) on that day. It will likely have an extra component some might want to avoid.



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