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Lady Clare By Alfred Lord Tennyson

Alfred Lord Tennyson’s ‘Lady Clare’ is a narrative poem. The poem describes how the lovers can come above the social and economic value and how they are able to stay faithful to each other.

Lady Clare was born into a high-class family.  She was getting married to her cousin whose name is Lord Ronald. However, the nurse, Alice, told her she wasn’t really high- born.  Actually, she was the nurse’s own daughter. The daughter of Earl had died and the nurse had replaced her with her own daughter. When Lady Clare found this truth, she threw her jewels and wore the dress herself in the clothes of a poor village girl. The cousin, Lord Ronald saw Clare as a village girl. He is amazed but Alice stops Lady clary to tell the truth. Lady Clare was very kind hearted; she did not want to keep that secret.

She finally told the truth about her birth story with Ronald. Ronaldo did not get her puzzle and told her not to play him any tricks. Then she looked into his eyes and told him the nurse’s story. When Lord Ronald knew about the secret story about her birth. he laughed happily and kissed her. Then he again announced that he will marry Clare, he laughed happily and kissed her. He even said that he will marry her anyhow if she is a poor girl and if she is not his own cousin.

Through this poem the writer is trying to show the actual meaning of love. According to him love happens from the heart and we cannot say the love where a couple only judges external beauty and wealth. However, love should be truthful, spiritual and not harm each other. 

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