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In Another Country by Ernest Hemingway (1898-1961)

 Summary and Analysis

In Another Country is a story about war. This story is written by Ernest Hemingway who is a Nobel prize winner. This story deals with the suffering of a soldier who explains the experiences of war which is narrated in first person narrative. The man from this story has been completely separated from his family and country. And also, he is far away from his close friends.

The narrator in the story is from America. The narrator or soldier who has been wounded during the first world war in Italy. The doctor is treating his leg with a new machine. The doctor councils him that his leg will be as before the war. There are other soldiers (A major and other three soldiers) who are getting treatment along with him. However, none of them have belief upon the new machines and about their complete recovery. Through the story Hemingway tries to illustrate how the soldiers suffer, how they feel devalued and the not getting the true meaning of warrior’s existence.

The narrator seems to be with the major and the other three boys.  There were different ways to reach the hospital. The canal’s way is a bit long so they use a short way   but the people whom they meet while walking hate and criticize them. The narrator feels somewhat bad to live in another country. The life of Milan is lifeless for them. Officers go to the Cafe Cova sometimes. He remembers the patriotism of the cafe girls and the speaker’s t voice tone becomes bitter.  Girls of the cafe do not know the horror of the war while sitting inside luxurious and warm rooms. So, they idealize patriotism. however, the soldiers like to go to the cafe to see those girls. Actually, the narrator is not a true “hawk” as his companions.

He was an American so he got the medal because he was wounded. In Fact, wounded in war is really an accident. The narrator feels fear to die, so he did not do any brave action as shown by those other three soldiers.  When his companions know this, their looks toward him changes. The narrator likes a boy who also was wounded without any bravery. The major also goes to the hospital and attempts to live in a realistic country. He does not believe in bravery despite being a great fencer. Although he knows the machine, He is using it as a responsibility.

After he retired from active service, he married a young girl. But his wife dies from pneumonia. This incident extremely shocked the major. Therefore, he suggests the narrator not to marry.  He says If you marry, he will lose your wife. But if you do not marry, you will not have anything to lose. The major’s trouble is the memory of his wife’s death and he does not come to the hospital for three. When he comes, sometimes he does not conversate on the three photographs of hands…………….

Theme of the story 

The major themes of Earnest Hemingway’s story In Another Country are given below …

Courage vs Fear
Isolation and rejection
Loneliness in another country

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