17 healthy lifestyle for man that make you handsome and honorable

healthy lifestyle for man that make you handsome and honorable

In This article we talk about various healthy habits and lifestyle for man which make you  very handsome, attractive as well as honorable.

  • Have a great posture and walk like a king not like a question mark. Stand tall and chin up while speaking and increase your confidence.
  • Always dress well because well-wear dress that fit your body completely. Wear something that doesn’t make you look like you are suffocating and your clothes will be ripping out any moment fitting clothes in natural a fabric that support and highlights your personality and image Get a hair style that suits the shape of your face. Footwear also must always be matching the outfit.

  • Be true to yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else. Be shamelessly kind and a good boy.
  • Have a confident gaze and calm and good manners like open doors, say thank you and please, good table manners, put that lid down, pick up after you. Something not related to your appearance but it works 100 percent if done the right way. Always maintain eye contact and talk confidently. Try to fake confidence initially, you will get a hang of it and start being confident naturally.
  • Be ambitious and passionate because it is necessary to be upgrade you as society wants as well as you can be successes.
  • Be organized and in control yourself. Don’t exist in an uninterrupted dumpster fire. You should be clam and have capacity to take right decision in right time.
  • Have boundaries and respect Surrounding and positive people yourself with happy. Stay optimistic and try to get rid of toxic people from your life. By doing that you can walk in right way.
  • Trim your beard or go completely clean shaved, nothing in between. If you really want to impress then your beard must be trimmed and neat. If you are big beard guy, comb it and maintain it.
  • Take care of your hands; it is one of the most noticed things. Cleanse and moisturize them as well. Don’t wear too many shiny rings for formal events. It also me man healthy lifestyle for man that make you handsome and honorable.
  • Try to let others speak in a group. It makes you attractive even more than a well dressed guy following all the above points. If you had interrupted someone, ask them to complete by apologizing mildly after you finish speaking.
  • Follow intermittent fasting, calorie-restricted diets and avoid weight gain But avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs because it harms in your health as well as your attractiveness.
  • Nothing is more attractive than someone who takes responsibility of his actions. Be straight forward, don’t be afraid to surrender and say sorry if you have to. Drink plenty of water and keep your entire body hydrated and moisturized every day.
  • Smile and look happy and be funny sometime because it  help to keep charm in your face and active.
  • Get at least eight hours of sleep a night, exercise regularly and and eat healthy. Keep care of your hygiene.
  • Team up with people who have the same goal as you and spend quality time with friends and family or be  nice to others.
  • In last your attitude is the one which determines your attractiveness.

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