Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald | Major English | Class 12

Class 12 Notes and Summaries
Class 12 Notes and Summaries

Great Gatsby -Novel by F. Scott Fitzerald

  • Nick Carraway
  • Jordan
  • Daisy
  • Tom
  • Jay Gatsby
  • Martle Wilson
  • George Wilson

According to American Society, money can buy happiness, satisfaction and a person’s all desires. It is said that it is possible for anyone in America, however poor people have to win success and wealth by their own effort. The American dream was an act about individualism, and source of happiness.

This novel is written in the concept of an individual’s right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. This right immediately turns into a twist in the early 1920s. The pursuit of happiness transformed into the pursuit of materialism and greed. Due to corruption of values spirituality of life has been decreased. The goals of life were removed by materialism or consumerism. Liberty complicated the family bond, social value or relationship and established sexual freedom. Money created social cracks and hatred between the higher and lower classes.

Throughout this novel, The Great Gatsby, the writer may show that, how social fault came between the love of two individuals such as Daisy and Gatsby. And this leads to the sudden corruption of Gatsby himself, and shows the pursuit of wealth, greed or illegal deeds. Peoples came to America first with the hope of a better life. They are searching for an opportunity, freedom, love, equality, and wealth.  They’re come materialistic values above their ambitions of freedom and equality or happiness. The value of the family collapsed with the way of materialistic life and selfness. In this novel Tom seems not faithful towards his wife Daisy. Likewise, Daisy has an extramarital relationship with the Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson makes an illegal love affair with Tom.

Gatsby does not show sympathy towards his poor and old father. As a result, these capitalistic values led to the whole decay of the American Dream. The novel presents a world of greed, money-oriented pleasure above all things. The novel illustrates how money and relaxed social values have corrupted the American dream, in the age of 1920s. The dream of Gatsby is love Daisy which is ruined by the difference in their respective social statuses on the East Egg. Due to this reason, he is leading his life with the crime and gets enough money to impress his beloved (Daisy). However, even having billions of moneys he cannot be able to get true love.

The Great Gatsby is a symbol of 1920s American society as an era of unbalanced prosperity and material excess. Fitzgerald depicts the 1920s as an era of social and moral values, shown in its untrusty, greed, and pursuit of pleasure in emptiness. Gatsby delivers    parties every Saturday night to win Daisy’s love, not for other purposes and for noble cause. This portrays the youth’s irresponsibility. The towering rise of the stock market in the after effects of the war led to an indicial, sustained growth in the national wealth and rising consumerism, however at the same time it made empty, egoistic, hollowness, selfishness, irresponsible to the younger generation. Furthermore, the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1919 banned the sale of alcohol. And similarly created a gradually growing underworld designed to satisfy the huge demand for illicit alcohol among the richest and poor.

Most of the social climbers were questing for pursuit of happiness so they are ambitious opportunists. People Who attend Gatsby’s parties appear greedy and run for wealth. The characters of the Great Gatsby, are representatives of people in the Jazz Age in which is the enlargement of business enterprise and the speedy growth of material interests. There can be seen the social values as the outcome of the corrupted American Dream. Novel also shows the material and sexual (pleasure) relationship between Daisy and Tom’s married life. Daisy’s relationship with Gatsby and Myrtle’s relationship with Tom. Marriage contract depicts Daisy as an exchange of her body for economic help from Tom. She provides Tom her body and Tom provides her a comfortable upper-class and materialistic life. Tom is a representative as an established noble class man. He provides entertainment to his guests by presenting off his possessions with his mistress. Daisy has to be completely quiet while she knows about his relationship with Myrtle.

The interrelationship between money and sex is dominantly seen in Tom and Myrtle’s affair. Myrtle entertains and comforts with her life that Tom may offer to her and like other men. Tom takes advantage of this desire in Myrtle to use his money to purchase her.

Gatsby feels, if he has money, he can rebuild his past and everything’s such as can buy happiness, achieve reputation in his society and also can win Daisy. However, he is not able to gain all of these though he is extremely wealthy. Gatsby thought that if he reached his financial goal, he would definitely live a better life. He dresses in a white flannel suit, silver colored shirt and gold colored tie. Silver and gold are the symbols of wealth. Gatsby’s every commodity is luxurious with the odor of wealth. At the end, this wealth cannot save his life. Therefore, this novel draws the exact picture of contemporary and tragedy of the American dream.

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