Enemies by Anton Chekhov | Major English | Class 12

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This story is written by Anton Chekhov. Through this story the writer tries to deliver that grief, sorrow and misery never bring people together however it forces them apart and provides pain and egoism.

In this story Kirilov is a district doctor. His son has just died from a dead disease called diphtheria. He is looking his unconscious wife near to the dead body of his son. At that time the doorbell rings and a stranger who seems a wealthy man comes inside his home. He starts to beg a doctor to come to check up his wife. That stranger’s wife was in great pain. Doctor says that he cannot leave his wife in this condition. The man requested to treat his wife. The doctor forgot his responsibility as a normal human; he was in his own pain. However, the wealthy man thinks that his pain is worse than the doctor’s pain and grief. 

After requesting it many times, the doctor goes towards the stranger’s home. But when they arrived at his house the stranger’s wife was not there. She said she became ill and ran away with her beloved.  The wealthy man became sad and started to complain to the doctor. Doctor becomes angry and does not grieve the stranger’s pain. He thinks that stranger made a joke upon him.  They blamed each other and the doctor headed towards his home cursing the stranger.

So, through this story the writer depicts the unhappiness and selfishness leads them towards egoism. Their own weakness of not understanding each other made them egoistic or selfish.

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