‘Duchoux’ by Guy De Maupassant | Major English | Class 12

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‘Duchux’ by Guy De Maupassant


  • Baron Mordiane- The old Bachelor
  • Duchox- Illegal son of Baron Mordine
  • Duchox son
  • Duchox Wife

Duchoux is a story written by Guy De Maupassant. In his story he is talking about a self-oriented old man. The name of an old man (old bachelor) is Barone Mardiane and he has a son… The old man values his position more than his family.

Through this story the writer is trying to present how the class and culture modern civilization has separated humans from their own self or nature. Modern men only desire for their comfort, money, and sex. They already forget the real values of family’s bonds and their love.

Barone Mardiane a noble old bachelor who is fed up with the monotonous life. He thinks lonely because he feels bored with his same friends and the same activities. While he feels loneliness, the memory of illegitimate son hunts him. His desire to spend the rest of his life with his son and his grandchildren. He had a short romantic relationship with the wife of the governor of a colony in his young age and son was born secretly.

His wife died of a deadly disease (tuberculosis) after three years. Baron secretly arranged for the boy’s education and marriage. Barone used to go for visits to his son’s house. Whenever he went there, he used to meet a boy, lift him and try to kiss him. However, the smell of garlic which came out from his mouth had prevented him. Barone feels that everything son has does not suit his standard. The servants and the room are dark and dirty. His son Duchoux is bald-headed, dirty dressed and even his daughter-in-law is dirty. When the boy calls him Duchoux ‘father’ in a Southern tone, Barone is struck by this word. He does not like the rural and uncultured environment of his son’s house and returns to Paris.


The story has shown the class and culture of modern society. The writer is trying to prove how modern civilization has created distance between man from the relationship of blood, family and true nature. The story has proved that the relation doesn’t even have any values in the name of modern lifestyle. Modern civilization leads humans towards selfishness, indifference, fullness rudeness, ambition, pride and comfort. The way of living standards has created a kind of gap between the people and their blood relationship.

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