Corona Infection and Mortality Decline, Claimed by China


4 Kathmandu, The number of newly infected with the coronavirus has declined for the third consecutive day, China said. Officials say the government’s efforts to control and cure disease are beginning to show results. The official statistics so far in China show that the number of people infected with Corona has exceeded 68,000 while the death toll has risen to six hundred and sixty-five thousand.

In 30 countries out of China, 500 have been found infected and four have died. One has died in France, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Japan.  “The effect that China has taken on preventing the spread of the Coronavirus is beginning to show,” said Mi Phang, a spokesman for China’s National Health Commission.

On Sunday, authorities presented the statistics of two thousand nine people infected and another forty-two people dead. However, it is not clear how much was before and how much has been reduced. Changes in the counting system also showed an increase in the number of infected and deceased persons, but have declined.

Last Saturday, the World Health Organization (WHO) also praised China for its measures in controlling the disaster. In China, millions of people are still under high surveillance. They are not allowed to move freely. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the number of infected people in Hubei has decreased and the number of patients recovering has increased.






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