4 Years BBS, B.Ed. and B.Sc. 4th Year Exam (Regular / Partial) schedule 2077

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4 years B.Sc., BBS and B.Ed. from the Institute of Science and Technology Studies, Management Faculty and Faculty of Education, 2077, run by Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu. This notice has been published for the information of all concerned as the examinations are conducted under the following program of the regular and partial examination of the fourth year.

 Exam Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

4 Year’s B. Sc. IV Year

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/01/16Code No. 401; Bot. Chem. Env. Sc. Geology Meteorology Math. Microbiology Physics Stat. Zoology
2077/01/18Code No. 404; Mathematics
2077/01/22Code No. 403; Bot. Chem. Env. Sc. Geology Meteorology Math. Microbiology Physics Stat. Zoology
2077/01/24Code No. 402; Mathematics
2077/01/28Code No. 407; Interdisciplinary:  Bot. Chem. Env. Sc. Geology Meteorology Math. Microbiology Physics Stat. Zoology
2077/01/30Code No. 405; Applied Science:  Bot. Chem. Env. Sc. Geology Meteorology Math. Microbiology Physics  Stat. Zoology
2077/02/01Code No. 408; Computational Course
2077/02/04Code No. 408 Math. (Mathematical Eco.)
2077/02/05Code No. 409; Mathematical Modeling

4 Year’s B. B. S. IV Year

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/01/17MGT-220 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
2077/01/21MGT-221 Business Research Methods
2077/01/23ACC-250 Accounting for Banking FIN- 250 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance MKT- 250 Fundamentals of Selling MGT- 250. Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
2077/01/26ACC-251Accounting for Business FIN- 251 Commercial Bank Management MKT -251 Customer Relationship Management MGT- 251 International Business
2077/01/29ACC-252Advanced Financial Accounting FIN- 252 Foundations of Financial Institutions and Market MKT 252 Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal MGT- 252 Management of Industrial Relations
2077/01/31ACC-253Advanced Auditing FIN -253. Fundamentals of Investment MKT -253 Fundamentals of Advertising MGT- 253 Productivity Management
2077/02/02ACC-254 Budgeting and Controlling of Profit FIN- 254 Insurance and Risk Management MKT- 254 Fundamentals of Services Marketing MGT -254 Quality Management

4 Year’s B. Ed. IV Year

DateSubjects/Code No.
2077/01/16Compulsory Subjects / Code No. Ed.442 (Classroom Instruction) / Ed.443 ICT in Edu. / Hist.Ed.444 (ICT in Hist.Edu.) / Math. Ed.444 (ICT in Math.Edu.) / Sc. Ed.444 (ICT in Science Edu.)
2077/01/18Major Subjects / Code No. 445 Nep. Ed. (अनुसन्धान विधि / Eng. Ed. ( Research Methodology in Eng. Edu.) / Math. Ed. (Linear Algebra & Vector Analysis) / Sc. Ed. (Chemistry IV) / HP. Ed. (School Health Program & Community Health Survey) / Pop. Ed. (Fundamentals of Ageing) / Geo. Ed. (Geo. of Environment, Hazard & Disaster Mgmt.) / Eco. Ed. (Managerial Eco. & Research in Eco.Edu.) / Hist. Ed. (Dawn of Democracy in Nepal (1950 to 2006) Pol. Sc. Ed. (Human rights & Social Justice) / Ed. PM. (School Mgmt. Practices)
2077/01/22Major Subjects Code No.446 Nep. Ed. (व्यवहारिक लेखन तथा सम्पादन) / Eng. Ed. (Literature for Language Development ) / Math. Ed. (Adv. Calculus) / Sc. Ed. (Physics IV) / HP. Ed. (Sports Training in Physical Edu.) / Pop. Ed. (Project Work & Seminar on Pop.Edu.) / Geo. Ed. (Geographic Techniques) / Eco. Ed. (Population Economics) / Hist. Ed. Research Methodology in Hist.& Hist. Writing / Pol. Sc. Ed. (Election Politics in Nepal) / Ed. PM. (Social Justice Edu.)
2077/01/24Minor Subjects Code No.449 Nep. Ed. (व्यवहारिक लेखन तथा सम्पादन)  / Eng. Ed. (Literature for Language Development ) / Math. Ed. (Algebra) / Sc. Ed. (Animal Science IV) / P. Ed. (Sports Training in Physical Edu.)/ Pop. Ed. (Project Work & Seminar on Pop.Edu.)/ Geo. Ed. (Geo. of Environment Hazard & Disaster Mgmt.) / Eco. Ed. (Population Economics) / Pol. Sc. Ed. (Election Politics of Nepal) / Ed.PM (School Mgmt. Practices)
2077/01/28Minor Subjects / Code No. 448 Sc. Ed. (Plant Science IV) / H. Ed. (School Health Program & Community Health Survey)

Due to the similar program, some students who are required to submit the fourth year examination for the fourth year of the fourth year have to fill out the examination application form. Examine the process control application form regarding the examination control office for information relating to aspire to be able to email this indication that has been published.


  1. No re-arrangement will be made for the candidates who are absent in the examination as per the above examination program.
  2. Even without any unexpected leave, the TU will not be postponed without prior notice.
  3. In the event that any of your subject matter or letter of examination is to be missed or disassembled in the examination program, the Gorkhapatra will have to give its information to this office within 7 days from the date of publication. Otherwise, the exam will be conducted according to this program
  4. For experimental exams, contact your campus.
  5. The log table, cattle vouchers, graph paper, charts, etc. required for the examination should be brought by the examiner himself and used only with the prior approval of the President.
  6. Examination centers must complete the theoretical examinations within one week (excluding Kathmandu) and submit the Examination, Answer book and attendance statement to this office by completing the Examination of the Examination and the related campus within one month.
  7. Prohibited items such as mobile phones, smartwatches, Bluetooth and digital diaries will not be taken inside the building. Otherwise, the centurion may confiscate such items.
  8. According to the information on filling the examination application form, only the subjects under the rules and syllabus prescribed under the TU will have to fill the examination application form only by making sure that the course is required to take the exam. Otherwise, the campus or the student will be automatically responsible for this.
  9. If any of the candidates is blind, sluggish, or unable to write by hand due to a serious hand-related disease. If the exam is to be given by a contributing author in accordance with Rule 267, one hour for 100 marks and a  half for integer and on the basis of disability certificate from the official body or physician-certified letter. Hours will be added to the timeline.
  10. The examination will be canceled automatically if you take the exam from centers other than the designated center.



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